Last time, when I published my bw_toolbox project on Github, there were a lot of questions from regular developers not so much familiar with git, how they can contribute. Because of that, I decided to write this quick-start tutorial.

What do I need? – system requirements Connection with GitHub – your instance should be able to establish a connection with, SSL Entires – you have to configure your SAP System by adding necessary certificates into STRUST transaction (details), Profile configuration – also changes on the profile level are required, so you have to manual edit entries or use transactions (details). ABAP implementation of git – ABAPGit – this program can be downloaded by copy-paste from its GitHub page. As you see this is a quite specific configuration, and usually this can’t be done on our client instances. Because of that, a good idea is to install your own SAP Instance. For details please check the article below or my youtube video.

Official SAP Blog post:

My youtube tutorial:

Step by step

  1. Install your ABAPGit instance, by copying/pasting a zabapgit report from the repository: More information here.

  2. Set up your certificates and profiles as described in the official wiki

  3. Create and log in to your GitHub account. Next, find & fork the project which you want to contribute by clicking „Fork” button.

  4. Now forked project should be added to ABAPGit

  5. Now it is time do do your changes

  6. Let’s now push changes to our repository

  7. Now as you can see on your github page, code has been updated

  8. So we have to create a pull request to the original repository

  9. Now please wait until author will accept the changes

That is all 🙂

Have a good time with your contributions!