Normally BW objects are transported to HANA using a transportation system, but what can be done when transport fails? When you have authorization to repat the import - it is still ok. You can go to Sap Transport Management system (transaction: STMS) and reimport. Thinks get much more complicated when you do not have the necessary rights. Let me share with you my notes about this process.


To manually deploy ABAP objects to SAP Hana databse you need a following authorization:


which is checked in all described in this article cases. This is because finally all executions comes through rddhanadeployment report. It contains method “execute_hana_deployment” used in all processes.

How to deploy

If you want o deploy some object manually, then the easiest method is to use transaction SCTS_HTA_DEPLOY or report SCTS_HOTA_ORGANIZER. Lets consider a following scenario: Your transport with the Hana Views failed because of the issues with the source. You can’t see new calculation views on the database. After fixing the issues with the view sources, you can just run this transaction and reimport missing views manually.

Transaction screen

Technical way

If you can’t (or don’t want to) use transaction, then you have a few other ways of manual execution. Please check report RDDHANADEPLOYMENT which can be used to manually deploy all objects included into the ABAP transport.


For other alternatives check class CL_HOT_WB_ACCESS used for transports of HANA objects. Here method “ACTIVATE_OBJECTS” can be usefull. Most complicated possibility is to use class CL_CTS_HTA_API_FACTORY and run i.e. “CREATE_OBJECTS_BY_TROBJ_NAME” method. As a attribute it takes the object name in ABAP transport format, so with space (but not trimmed).

More informations about the deployment transaction can be found in the offical SAP documentation.If you want to read more about the ransport concepts, check also this blog.