1. To clean the filter we need a button. Let’s get one from the plus in the toolbar
  1. Put the button near the Year dropdown and rename it
  1. Go to the Button_Clean_Filters - onClick
  1. Put the following code
// Remove all filters from the model

//Set all dropdowns selection to empty
  1. Button should now work properly


  1. Please download image dataset from here

  2. Insert images using the plus in the toolbar

  1. Put images together, and move existing elements to align together

After that it should look like on the image bellow

  1. Add a new chart in the right corner
  1. Change the type to numeric point
  1. Choose the measure
  1. Rename the measure
  1. Hide chart title
  1. Add two missing images: Mario and coin
  1. Create a linked analysis between table and chart
  1. Click on Only Selected Widget and click Select widget button
  1. Select Chart_1
  1. Add account to the dimensions on the table
  1. Click on Manage Filter
  1. Select Global Sales
  1. At the end everything should works and looks fine 😏