1. We need a CheckBox, it can be added from the toolbar
  1. Let’s change the background color of the CheckboxGroup. To do this, please click on the brush icon, bucket icon and then on more
  1. Change color to hex 1f303f
  1. Next change the font color
  1. Set new color to white, hex ffffff
  1. Remove the values from the Checkbox
  1. Rename checkbox to CheckboxGroup_Dimensions, bu click on the keys icon
  1. Add additional code to the Application - onInitialization
// Get all dimensions
var dimensions = Table_Games_Sales.getDataSource().getDimensions();

//Loop by dimensions and fill Checkbox
for ( var y = 0; y < dimensions.length; y++ ){
  1. Last but not least - we need a button
  1. Rename the button
  1. Let’s also add a code to handle it
// Get current list of dimensions to remove it
var currentDimensionsSet= Table_Games_Sales.getDimensionsOnRows();
// Get selected fields from CheckBox
var selectedDimensions = CheckboxGroup_Dimensions.getSelectedKeys();

// Delete all existing dimensions
for (var r = 0; r < currentDimensionsSet.length; r++){
// Add all new dimensions
for (var i = 0; i < selectedDimensions.length; i++){
  1. At the end-user should be able to pick up interesting dimensions by themself