Manual deployment from ABAP to SAP HANA

Normally BW objects are transported to HANA using a transportation system, but what can be done when transport fails? When you have authorization to repat the import - it is still ok. You can go to Sap Transport Management system (transaction: STMS) and reimport. Thinks get much more complicated when you do not have the necessary rights. Let me share with you my notes about this process. Authorization To manually deploy ABAP objects to SAP Hana databse you need a following authorization:...

February 11, 2022 · 2 min

Jak zainstalować SAPa żeby nauczyć się ABAPa?

Cześć! To jest poradnik dla kompletnych laików, dlatego też tytuł jest bardzo skrótowy. Co bowiem oznacza instalacja SAP-a ? SAP (Systemanalyse und Programmentwicklung) jest nazwą firmy, powstałej w 1972 roku w Waldorfie zajmującej się tworzeniem oprogramowania. Zachęcam, żeby poczytać więcej o niej tutaj. Dziś chciałem pokazać Ci prosty sposób na instalację systemu SAP NetWeaver, który to umożliwi Ci naukę programowania w języku ABAP. Ten tutorial był kiedyś dostępny w wersji tekstowej, teraz dostępna jest duzo nowsza wersja wideo, która równiez jest częścią płatnego kursu abap dostępnego pod adresem https://saponit....

January 29, 2022 · 1 min

Useful modern ABAP statements for BW transformations

ABAP 7.4 SAP introduced a lot of inline declarations. Nevertheless in BW world many developments are still written in very old syntax, where some of them are even not supported by the cloud version of ABAP (Steampunk). If you want to check out a modern ABAP statement that can be used in BW then this article is definitely for you. Every example contains a previous and a new version to compare....

January 11, 2022 · 3 min

Create ADSO from ABAP

Creating ADSO from ABAP can be easily achieved by cl_rso_adso_api=>create DATA(ls_flags) = VALUE cl_rso_adso_api=>tn_s_adsoflags( direct_update = abap_true ). TRY. cl_rso_adso_api=>create( EXPORTING i_adsonm = "Name of the ADSO i_infoarea = "Infoarea name i_s_adsoflags = ls_flags i_t_object = "Table with all fields i_t_dimension = "Dimension i_t_key = "String table with key IMPORTING e_t_msg = DATA(lt_msg) ). CATCH cx_rs_all_msg INTO DATA(lr_msg). cl_demo_output=>display( EXPORTING data = lr_msg->get_longtext( ) name = 'Error' ). ENDTRY. Full usage examples can be found here

January 6, 2022 · 1 min

Change transport description after release

If you are forced to change transport description after release, you have to consider following changes: Use RDDIT076 to change the description - if not possible, you have to find a way to edit E07T and E070. Change description in TMSBUFTXT to correct display of shorttext in STMS.

January 6, 2022 · 1 min

How to contribute ABAP projects on Github

Last time, when I published my bw_toolbox project on Github, there were a lot of questions from regular developers not so much familiar with git, how they can contribute. Because of that, I decided to write this quick-start tutorial. What do I need? – system requirements Connection with GitHub – your instance should be able to establish a connection with, SSL Entires – you have to configure your SAP System by adding necessary certificates into STRUST transaction (details), Profile configuration – also changes on the profile level are required, so you have to manual edit entries or use transactions (details)....

December 1, 2021 · 2 min

How to install ABAP 1909 on mac M1

How to run ABAP 1909 on MacOs with M1? For me, the best idea was to use UTM. I also tried before with docker without success - in the end, there was always an error. Install UTM Download Ubuntu Server x64 bit version Create virtual machine on UTM (220 GB storage, 6-7 CPU’s, additional flags) Install Ubuntu server on UTM Install docker sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install \ ca-certificates \ curl \ gnupg \ lsb-release curl -fsSL https://download....

November 10, 2021 · 1 min

BW important programs / Function modules / Tables

Almost all of these programs are included in my GitHub development “bw_toolbox”. If you want, you can just implement this in an easy way to your system. Please check by clicking here. Activate: Name Category Type Description RSDG_TRFN_ACTIVATE TRFN PROG Activate transformations on the system. If you are missing fields in source or target - then it will not work correctly. RSDS_DATASOURCE_ACTIVATE_ALL RSDS PROG Activate data source RSBKDTPREPAIR DTP PROG Activate data transfer process RSDG_HCPR_ACTIVATE HCPR PROG Activate composite provider RSDG_CUBE_ACTIVATE CUBE PROG Activate cube RSDG_ADSO_ACTIVATE ADSO PROG Activate Advanced DataStore Object RSDG_IOBJ_ACTIVATE IOBJ PROG Activate InfoObject Maintenance: Name Category Type Description RSDG_AFTER_IMPORT_FOR_CORR N/A PROG Reimport transport RSBM_GUI_CHANGE_USTATE DTP FM Change DTP request status RSPM_PROCESS_MONITOR DTP PROG Change DTP request status ADSO RSPC_VARIANT_DELETE RSPC FM Delete process chain variant RSPC_API_CHAIN_START RSPC FM Start process chain immediately ( even scheduled ) DB_DROP_TABLE DEST PROG Drop tables under the OpenHub RSDG_IOBJ_REORG IOBJ PROG Repair Infoobject RSPC_PROCESS_FINISH RSPC PROG Process chain variant status change BAPI_USER_UNLOCK N/A FM Unlock user BW4 GUI Versions Description Name Type DTP View rsbk0001 PROG TRFN View rstran_gui_start PROG DataSource View rsds Transaction Infoprovider View (display data) rsoadso Transaction Manage Request rsmng Transaction Tables Description Name Check iobj assigned to extractor field RSTSFIELD RSOFIELSMAP Keyfigures basic info RSDKYF Characteristics basic info RSDCHABAS Extractor metadata including custom (fields) RSDSSEGFD Others Description Name Type Remove file SCMS_FILE_DELETE FM Rename file SCMS_FILE_COPY FM Upload file ARCHIVFILE_CLIENT_TO_SERVER FM

November 4, 2021 · 2 min

About me

Nice to meet you 👋 My name is Pawel Wiejkut and I am an SAP Consultant since 2016. Since the beginning, my career is related to big data. In this blog, I share my knowledge about SAP & Databases. Besides, I am the author of platform where I teach people programming in ABAP in Polish. In my free time, I co-create projects on GitHub. Feel free to contact me via social media....

November 4, 2021 · 1 min
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Create simple SAC APP step by step

This tutorial group describes how to create a simple SAC App step by step. We are beginning from the new data model, and go through dropdowns, cascade filtering, design and popups. Everything step by step with screenshots and gifs. Create new model on SAC Simple APP on SAC Create and fill a dropdown in SAC APP Cascade filtering in SAC Design the app and create button to clean the filters Select dimensions by CheckBox and Button Create a popup to change dimensions order

November 4, 2021 · 1 min